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Comment: I can understand

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I can understand

I can understand not getting anarchy. After all, it takes a decent amount of studying of economics, logic, reason...many people have not or are not interested into putting the kind of deep thought into thinking about things in a drastically different way. I once thought we *needed* government too, even though I didn't like it. It was seen as a "necessary evil."

What I cannot understand is the obsession that some such as the OP have with constantly bashing and demeaning those that don't believe in the "necessary evil" of the State, continually using the same tired arguments mostly consisting of straw men and ad homs.

So what is the obsession?

In what universe is our living under the State system "voluntary?" Is there a choice to opt out I don't know about? There are States that are worse than others, states that are freer, states that are more totalitarian. Despite the direction, living in the U.S. is still a better option on the freedom scale than many other places. This may be changing.

Regardless, we live freely in spite of the State, not voluntarily under its grasp. If I could opt out of the State's confiscation of my wealth, of its unjust laws, *without* the threat of violence perpetrated against myself, I certainly would.

Dispense with the histrionics? Pot. Kettle. Black.


"worship" is what one does in the face of logic, out of faith. This is how one should describe belief in the State. It is not based on logic nor reason. It is based purely on faith.

I agree, regularity and predictability of law is essential to a functioning market. But the market historically provides such stability, whereas the State distorts it, creates arbitrary laws and favors certain connected bodies.

Why are all your credit cards the same size? Is there a law that says they must be? The market has provided that.

"True anarchism" is tried and successful every single day, in many aspects of our lives. Whether it's driving through intersections without traffic lights or stop signs(yes, they exist)or interacting on the Daily Paul, anarchy does work...and it works splendidly. So well that it can often defy the illogical and destructive actions of the State.

History has shown time and time again, that in the absence or even in defiance of the State, the market will create its own legal frameworks.

I highly recommend the book The Enterprise of Law by Bruce Benson for many historical examples.


Newflash: The State has made you and the rest of us its bitch for a long time.

It is the State that provides arbitrary law and order. It is the State which allows police officers to murder, IRS agents to steal, soldiers to rape. Held *above the law*, without consequence.


Unlike you I will not sit back and claim you are "full of it." It seems clear that you believe what you believe, to the point where it has become a religious belief for you. Religion, faith - these things cannot be argued.

You may not share the same beliefs as those who do not have a mystical faith in government, but your need to rant and rave, create straw men, and condescend on people you likely agree with on 97% of everything continues to baffle me.

What a life it must be like, to obsess over such things!
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