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hey buddy this is not an

hey buddy

this is not an argument.

watch me do it.

"I can understand not getting why anarchy is retarded. After all, it takes a decent amount of studying of economics, logic, reason to realize this...many people have not or are not interested into putting the kind of deep thought into thinking about things in a realistic, serious way...."

See, anyone can do that.

if someone really believes that they're living under an immoral system of slavery, they have a duty to leave, to stop paying taxes and supporting it.

yes, if you leave the protection of society, and set up your life somewhere outside of government, some gang of people might rob you, take your stuff, make your their slave. it might even be other states that do so.

that's the whole point. you stay here because you have MORE LIBERTY than if you went it alone, the anarchy route. that's the point, none of you leave the state and risk it alone, or together, outside the state.

your retort "the state will get us wherever we go, we can't leave, it will be even worse outside the state."

my reply is, exactly. duh. you prove my point.

you submit to the state because it protects your liberty better than you could.

you prove it every day by living under its rules and paying its taxes.

unless you got rid of EVERY OTHER STATE in the world through the "moral force" of your "arguments" - there's always gonna be a state that can just run over you... your liberty does not exist WITHOUT a state defending it.

if you really believed in the efficacy of protection agencies, you would hire one and have it protect you and go settle some place with a weak government. you don't do it. the world is cruel and violent. you are afraid. you live behind the protection of the government and b1tch online.

that is all.