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How about...

...justhinkin before jussayin?

RP is leading us the way he wants us to lead the rest of the world ... by example. Some people act like they never listened to a word he said. I agree that RP is our leader, the father of our movement, our bellwether and all that, but not in the same sense you seem to think he is. Unless we become militant we don't need an authoritative leader.

You say in another post how fun it would be. Yeah, because our entertainment is worth more than his credibility, right? If he started posting here, the only thing anyone outside the movement would hear about RP is that he hangs with conspiracy theorists, anti-semites, neo-Confederates, etc. Just to make something clear: I don't think questioning the official 9/11 and JFK stories (among many others) or wondering what goes on behind the scenes at think-tanks, Masonic lodges, redwood groves, etc. makes us conspiracy nuts; I don't think our issues with Zionists make us anti-semitic; and I don't think our aversion to Lincoln makes us racist. But they sure as Hell know how to make most people believe that shit and we need people gravitating towards the movement in the real world not just on the Web. We already dominate the Web. Maybe not in numbers, but our combination of quantity and quality makes us as formidable as any one.

Our mission is best served by RP staying far away from places like this, even though it's a great site to get news and keeping a thumb on the pulse of the liberty movement. I'm glad to see most people disagreeing with your idea.

Work for pay, pay for freedom
Fuck 'em all, we don't need 'em