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I do understand what you're saying

I completely agree that we need a more educated populace on the subject. That's a given.

However, this is not what he's doing. He has not correlated the US not being self sufficient ever again to the existence of the petro-dollar. He makes the claim numerous times that the former is the cause of the latter but it is just not so and saying so greatly mistakes the overall picture.

Self sufficiency is not affected by policy in any way more than the smallest, after-the-fact manner. Self sufficiency will occur if we have more production capacity than we use and will not occur if we don't. This is the only primary factor in the equation.

The existence of the petro-dollar system allows shortfalls in the US and abroad to be utilized to manipulate geo-politics. It also indirectly but actively, causes wars, resource grabs, foreign aid power grabs and massive inequality. One could even say it has kept the fiat banking system alive and as a result, has kept the faked economy in charge. But you can't say it's the cause of us never being energy independent again.

The reason I stand so firm on this issue is because I've come to the conclusion that the only way to take down the banks' power over us is to bankrupt them. And the only way to do that is to become locally self sufficient in enough things so we're prosperous enough that we don't need their debt. And the single biggest jump in that direction is for enough homes to become energy producers as opposed to energy users. When this movement displaces around 8% of the energy we import (in my humble calculations), OPEC loses control, the banks lose their reserves, the banks start to fold, more money stays local and the entire loop becomes self perpetuating. So, while OPEC and the petro-dollar are playing global games in trying to control entire continents, their enablers (the big banks) will be going under and the people will exponentially grow their relative prosperity.