Comment: I know a man.

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I know a man.

For seventeen years drives from Florida to Alaska with his lovely wife every summer for 4 months. His wife and him fish every day. They can all there salmon everyday . Salmon fishing on the rivers up there is cold and dangerous. people from all over the world fish up there in the summer. Most are meat fisherman. M.any resell there fish. Especially the ones from Germany The nice couple from Florida drive a pick up truck with a camper following the salmon runs. They also can wild blueberries up there. Dig for clams too. They fill there truck to the max. They also eat salmon everyday. He is 82 and his wife is in her late seventy's. They also hike everywhere. I don't know many people in there thirty's could do that. Does Ron Paul eat salmon. This story should be on the Daily Mail. Sounds unbelievable but this story is true. The moral of the story is this . Get out and move if you want to stay healthy. Good food helps but staying active is the key. I believe Ron Paul would endorse that.

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