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Healthful Alternatives

A common mistake most people make when learning about the benefits of omega-3 fats is to start taking lots of fish oils. Please note that these beneficial fats are not only made in fish, we humans manufacture them as well. From the ALA found in flax and walnuts, our bodies can manufacture the long-chain omega-3 fats; EPA and DHA. The question that remains is can we make sufficient or ideal levels of these long chain fats without consuming fish and fish oils?

Our bodies can produce some EPA and DHA from the N-3 fat in flax seeds, leafy greens and walnuts, and for some people (especially those whose diet is superior) this production is sufficient. However, when I draw blood tests for fatty acid analysis on many of my patients, I find that a large percentage of individuals who do not eat fish regularly do not have optimal levels of DHA. How can we assure optimal production of DHA fat for all, if we are hesitant about recommending and consuming fish? The answer is to take a vegetable derived DHA capsule., Laboratory cultivated DHA is made from micro-algae and is a pure form of DHA without rancidity. It is grown in the laboratory, not collected in the wild. It has no mercury or other toxins. It is well tolerated and is not rancid. Dr. Fuhrman's DHA Purity contains 200 mg of pure freeze-dried DHA. The freeze-dried process preserves freshness.

Most of the anti-cancer benefits of the N-3 oils are accounted for by the DHA component, not the EPA component. Plus the body can retrograde manufacture EPA from DHA, when DHA is supplemented. I advise most of my patients to take one of these clean DHA supplements once every other day.