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This thread is closed, superceded

I am Smudge. I am informed that at this time there are NO CHARGES ON ME. They told me that the prosecutors might come with felony charges on me again. But now because of this, there is this rippling disruption which is totally taken out of all porportion by the deaths of our local Hotshots from which no family here is spared, whom I am staying with now, his son-in-law was one of those who perished so I am doing remedial work and this take priority.

I am currently homeless, financially shattered for summoning defense and after I get us through this period of grief, I need to gather facts. Some evil force chose this time to act against us, evil is working against us now and I will attempt to define and understand this evil and figure out how to build us beyond us.

My clients must be pretty pissed but our lives just got stood on ends. I will try to recover my business and our businesses upon many families depend for support and income.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.