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planned sham by

this "creepy-assed-cracker" judge imo. She broadsided the defense with early attempt to ostensibly find out if GZ was going to take the stand knowing damn well 2 things in advance:1) Defense had most likely not even had that discussion yet with their client, and 2) the Jury was present to hear her rampage! Extreme prejudice, there, judge.

She in effect, put Zim on the stand before the jury for the prosecution. I've noticed that except for this one outburst directed at Zim himself, then West, while jury's present, she's used, more or less, judicial decorum in the presence of the jury.

Smelly creepy ass cracker. Sorry, her behavior here smacks of trying to boost prosecution's pathetic case...

Low and behold... guess what's going on as I type...the prosecution is begging the court to instruct the jury on the lesser charge of 3rd degree/manslaughter!! Surprised?

Defense, West, is arguing: Nope. You asked for 2nd degree. That's what you said you would prove. Defense wants that instruction to go to the jury, nothing less.

State's trying to move the goal posts in by about 20 yards knowing now, after the trial's over, they FAILED.

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