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That is incorrect Jill Booth

Most Israelis want a sovreign nation. They want to trade, not war, yet, like any patriot who owns a gun to defend themselves, Israel owns guns and will defend herself.

Maybe many of them woke up when Russia armed Egypt with state of the art military weapons and the equiped the Syrians with arms and started a two sided attack on Israel on a Holy Day, Yom Kippor, and within three days, the Russian tech had taken out most of Israel's tanks and defeated her airforce, and because it was a Holy Day, many of Israel's troops would not fight, and Russia and the Egyptians and Syrians knew Israeli's would not fight until after the HOLY day.. and so, they had their way, and were beating Israel badly, very badly.

So Golda Meir, who the IDF was not very happy with because she had this idea that Israel needed to give the world a new image, a "we are your friend", which most Israeli's understanding their history thought, "this is a crock".. and the Yom Kippor war was proving that Golda Meir's idea was a crock.. they had softened up, and they were being defeated.. Golda called president Nixon and begged him to help. Nixon went to his Sec of State, Kissinger and asked Kissinger, "What can we do to help Israel?" Kissinger said, "Let the Israelis bleed".

Nixon did not, "let the Israeli's bleed". He said that Meir's voice sounded like his mother's, and he recalled that his mother had told him long before he was president, "One day you will have the opportunity to help Israel, and when that day comes, help her." And so he did, despite Kissinger.. who let Nixon fall for Kissinger's own spy program.

Jews are people Jill Booth. There are many races, cultures, sexes, cults, interests, passions.. but one thing Israel has is a drive to be SOVREIGN. Yes, there are Jews in the UN who don't want to be sovreign, and I know many, many who come from America, and they are liberal, and have liberal dreams of Cumbaya for the world with this UN NWO (can't I see that a zoo allows all these different animals to get along in peace? Yes, however, as a human I do not want to be a specimen in a cage waiting for my next meal delivery).