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Comment: You don't have much respect for America

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You don't have much respect for America

I find your statement more a witness to the dumbing down of America. To think ythat you believe a place on the Earth no bigger than New Jersy can control ALL of the USA and her people.. WOW.

In my studying Israel and Palestine, I am seeing there are two different mindsets at play. I will admit to you, I now read posts like yours and think, "Palestinian", no that you are a Palestinian native, but you have a Palestinian mind set, opposed to an Israeli mind set.

The Palestinian mind set looks at the wall and says, I WANT TO GET INSIDE TO BE FREE. Or, I WANT TO ILLIMINATE THE WALL AND TAKE EVERYTHING THE ISRAELIS HAVE BUIOT AND CLAIM THAT< TAKE MY LAND, AND THE ISRAELIS CAN HAVE PEACE, WITH NO LAND, NO NOTHING.. no schools, no hospitals, no home, no temples.. that is freedom. Meanwhile, the Palestinian blame Israel.. it blames Israel, not Islam.. it beats and tortures it's own people, it keeps it's women in perpetual preganacy, it destorys what it gets and crued for more.. it wants to nurse from the breast of Israel..

If Israel was to leave what it has built the Palestinians would destroy it, make it a ruin.. what Israel has built is not what Islam wants for it's people. FREEDOM is NOT popular in Islam.

You thank God that the USA is virtually bankrupt.

That's like thanking God for your disability.. and this is Palestinian thinking.. you want to nurse off the milk of those who are fruitful, produce no fruit of your own, and THANK GOD for that.

I see no Israeli attack in Americans. I see the Palestinian mind set thanking God America is bankrupt as the attack on Americans.