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So true Ben. Start at the

So true Ben. Start at the local level. Your example of core curriculum for me was perfect. My daughter was in the first year of core curriculum for 2nd grade last year. I am a parent who keeps up with her schoolwork and assignments. I was appalled at the curriculum. A lot of estimating rather than exacts in math. 4 question tests where the student often fails if they miss one question. My daughter on several occasions lamented to me how stupid she was when she'd miss one question. Many of their stories for reading were on social justice rather than a larger variety including more classical stories. And little history is introduced until older grades (beyond the first 7 years, the formative ones). I have no problem with the students learning other cultural histories because they need to know all American history but they get a plethora of black history and Latino readings throughout the year but no other American history unless a teacher decides to talk about some at specific times of the year like President's Day. No, our history is not perfect but the only way you learn from mistakes is to learn those mistakes. Eliminating the history does not solve the problem because cultures repeat it if they don't know it. They start algebra in a later grade & from what I have heard, eliminated classic literature in other grades as well. So I made a change at a small level, grassroots if you will. I taught her at home what she wasn't getting at school. There are a lot of families pulling their children from the public school here to homeschool just for the reasons you speak of. I promise you are making a much bigger impact than you know. I often forward news and video of various liberty-minded people to everyone I know (including your's) and little by little, people I know are beginning to sound like part of the freedom movement (even a few liberals!). Keep up the good work Ben!