Comment: My "failed" open heart

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My "failed" open heart

My "failed" open heart surgery performed by dr tom kartis at charlotte regional in punta gorda fl ( Run Forest Run! ) who was paid regardless of the fact that the surgery was a total failure ( do you get paid when you fail? I don't. Why do they? ), total time from the minute I walked in to the minute I was wheeled out, 56 hours, cost $115,000.00 I was the 2nd open heart surgery he performed that morning. Do the math.
The same surgery in Thailand would be approx. $12,000.00 or 1/10th the cost. Medical tourism is huge in Asia with Singapore and Thialand getting the most tourists but China is catching up as they have been paying Chinese americans to relocate to china paying them big bucks and they do not need to worry about being sued etc.
While this surgery center isn't geared for major surgeries like heart, lungs etc, it's a big step in the right direction and maybe my grandchildren will be able to choose a better doctor and better price and not have to fly overseas to get it.
Now if Oklahoma would make medical marijuana legal they would actually get more then just an occasional medical tourist. But ahh the South, still in the dark ages on that one.

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