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"Your first statement, if

"Your first statement, if someone has claim to land, including a state, they can sell it, give it a way, etc."

What if someone else believes differently? What is a "claim" to land? Who is going to define what that is?

In terms of land, Monaco, Kuwait, Bermuda, British virgin islands, Andorra, Malta, Oman, Vanatua, Cayman Islands, Somalia, etc. has no taxes. Some of this land is incredibly expensive, but there are no taxes at all afterwards. Some of the above do have taxes in the form of taxes on any oil you sell from your property.

There are also nations like Hungary with no property taxes, but income/vice taxes.

FYI, it is just taxes you are concerned about, you can always be the ultimate moocher and live in parts of New Hampshire. No sales, income, or property tax. Just federal taxes.

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