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Comment: You are saying Israel is manipulated

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You are saying Israel is manipulated

Very interesting that you would say this Jill Booth because those Israelis who are fighting for a sovreign nation would completely agree and why they resist the USA and UN NWO.

The NWO is being fueled by Saudi oil. Every time you get in your car and drive to a gas stattion you contribute to the UN NWO.

Populated land.. Palestine has ALWAYS BEEN OCCUPIED..

The first occupiers

Oh, that's right, you don't trust wiki so here's another:

not until 960 CE did Islam come to conquor the Canaan, Romans had renamed Palestine (Philistein.. people who take back what they give. Indian givers)

Arab timeline (refused to use the word Israel this is their first quest in the area 627: Mohammed kills 700 Jews of the tribe of Qurayza