Comment: "a warrant has to be written

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"a warrant has to be written

"a warrant has to be written to include what they are looking for"

I feel you, but though that is supposed to be how it works. Hasn't been for some time.

One thing people really need to grok. The law is just what they use against you. It has nothing to to with right or wrong.

When we had the Rule of Law, (if we ever did) the law makers, enforcers, and adjudicators were subject to the same law as everyone. That's what it means for Law to Rule. The Rule of Law isn't a high bar for justice, but it's a necessary one.

Prime example: In the US a law against drugs could be valid under the Rule of Law, if lawmakers and enforcer were equally subject to it and more importantly if it were passed lawfully under the law that binds the government. Specifically just as they had to amend the Constitution to prohibit booze they need to do so for pot or anything else.

They have not. They violated the law when asserting the drug war.

They are acting unlawfully. We do not have the Rule of Law.

Now we just have men making crap up and calling it laws. This is Rule of Men, Arbitrary Law, or 'High Law'.

Even if they had done it legitimately it would still be unjust, as a violation of natural rights.

But it would at least be in accordance with the Rule of Law. So we can tell when the Rule of Law ended in general, by when they stopped passing Amendments and just started passing laws ignoring the Constitution and appointing judges that would issue opinions that were unconstitutional.

The bad guys like to use the phrase "Rule of Law" in a way that implies whatever they order you to do is valid. You here Bush and Hillary and Obama toss this phrase around a lot.

But the idea that whatever a man (in that time Kings) tells you to do is something you are bound to do, is the very thing the Rule of Law is supposed to oppose.