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called several more numbers

i called and talked to a mr. culver in the personal office and was told to send a FOIA request by mail if i wanted any info about adam and about the employs who refused to identify themselves at telephone numbers listed.

Personnel Office - 1100 Ohio Dr SW, Wash, DC
(202) 619-7056
mr. culver

culver then referred me to "Sargent Paul brooks" in the public relations office. brooks vm says he's out until the 15th and says to call (202) 619-7300 and ask for the "shift commander" for info. that number as i found out is an emergency number oops. the man at that number refused to identify himself and hung up on me.

public relations 202-619-7163
Sargent Paul brooks

i then called the non emergency number back (202) 619-7105 and it sounded like the same guy from the emergency number (the lying women was gone).
he refused to identify himself as well and demanded my name and number and then after some back and forth he said he was ending the call.
i remained calm and respectful as long as i could throughout the almost hour of calls but finally lost it and screamed obscenity's at him after he said he was ending the call.

i love call floods but they only work if y'all all call and demand accountability.

non emergency number 202-619-7105

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