Comment: Pent up racial hatred

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Pent up racial hatred

The trial verdict may uncork the bottle similar to Rodney King. There has been a number of "black on white" crimes involving murder since the Martin/Zimmerman event, but not a peep in the national media about any of them. Institutionalized "white guilt" in the national media is going to get real dangerous. We'll see how dangerous when the FL court acquits Zimmerman. I really think this will happen because if Zimmerman was as full of as much hate, rage and spite as the prosecutor wishes why did he only fire one shot, instead of unloading his clip? I'm seeing restraint on the part of Zimmerman, especially since he wasn't brandishing his holstered weapon. Seems like the gun never entered the equation until Martin spotted it on Zimmerman. Just my take, I'm sure others will disagree.