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You miss the point.

Taxes are an easy example. But the question is not whether there ARE taxes, but whether there is "authority" to levy taxes. There are numerous reasons that that distinction is important.

The idea that if I don't want to pay taxes that I am a mooch? Are you on the right site?

Murder = the taking of someone's life.
Theft = taking a portion of someone's life.
Slavery = taking a portion/all of someone's life.

Taxation = taking a portion/all of someone's life.
Imprisonment = taking a portion/all of someone's life.

These are all different degrees of the same crime when unprovoked. If someone makes a claim on any portion of my life, I have become a slave to them, either for a short duration (mugging), or long term (slavery, murder, taxation).

These things may be implemented as retaliatory. For instance, if someone steals $100, I have a right to reclaim that $100 and it would not be considered theft/wrong.

But to initiate any of those things without cause, other than by chance of their birth is wrong.

Further, every one of you defenders ignore my statement that it takes 350K to buy your release from the US. Are any of you paying attention to that?

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