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Newt, I am currently at FreedomFest in Las Vegas, and a few speakers, Jim Rogers, Steve Forbes, and this lady from Europe, Barbara Kolm from Hayek Institute were panelists. She said Euro is toast. Example, France has 2/3 their workforce, according to her, working for the government and while Germany workers work till 67 and receive a pension, Spain I think it was, citizens work till 50-55. Germany's production can't support all of Europe.

All currencies will fight to go lower and as Rogers said, this is the first time this has ever happened.

The dollar got slammed yesterday because of what Bernanke said. Notice how the Fed speaks and currencies and markets moved? Euro was breaking down. They support each other, till they can't. Euro experment has only been around 13 years. Troubled waters ahead and by default, the dollar will benefit, no matter how screwed up we are here.

going to ask more questions of some of the speakers here to confirm my understanding.

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