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This hasnt been unknown

This hasnt been unknown before now. They are very eager to get in there and take out the organs as soon as possible. Will they at least wait a couple minutes and double check to make sure the person is truely dead? No, not really, they are eager to get them things out as fast as possible.

In all reality though, we have the tech to simply grow/print organs. The problem is that out of all the money spent on research etc, not nearly enough is spent on this. Had as much money been spent on getting replacement organs to grow for individual patients, in a reasonable amount of time, as with so called cancer research, we wouldnt a waiting list. Plus the value per dollar spent would probably many times higher.(cancer research just used as an example)
Doctors have already successfully printed a heart valve(aorta I think it was) and done a successful inplantation. Is this sort of thing widespread though, nope. This is simply a case of not enough interest due to a lack of money to be made compared with other areas of medicine. Research continues on this, but its rather slow/limited compared to what it could be.

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