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Comment: You accept tyranny ab initio.

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You accept tyranny ab initio.

You accept tyranny ab initio. We reject it. We're optimistic that it may not happen. We accept it might. But we know the answer is not to immediately hold out our wrists for the manacles because we might end up in them later. We don't accept the principle that we should be in them, and we know if we would stay out of them it's insane to volunteer for them.

As for impossibility of freedom, that's what is insane, if we're to understand insanity as believing something factually and historically inaccurate.

It's hard for people who don't understand economics to get, unless they somehow get it naturally, which I didn't. But I'll try to simplify some concepts for you.

You cannot have a state unless there is enough excess capital to make it cost effective to maintain the state plus have enough excess that you're income is greater than that if you were a productive member of society. That is an economic, logical, and historical precondition of a persistent state.

People don't want to let you steal, kill or cage them. They will fight you or kill you if you try. They might win. It takes so many men to keep other men in subjugation, and they have to be fed, kept happy, trained, and paid well enough they don't turn on you. That is a significant number of resources, although it varies a lot according to the society. It takes fewer resources to subjugate agricultural communities since they are tied to a particular land and it costs them a lot to relocate. It takes a lot to subjugate nomadic societies.

This is why states really took off after agriculture. Capital was concentrated and couldn't escape easily.

If the capital does not exist, or is too dispersed, it is simply not profitable for a predatory class to exist. This is why there were not many European style states in America, though some were more so than others.

But through a lot of America there was nothing like a state. When someone tried to take over, as you well point out, someone inevitably always will, they put an arrow through him, or failing that, packed up their teepees and left.

With the technology they had, it simply took more capital to set themselves up as parasites than they could gain be being parasites.

Europeans had centuries of developing the technology of parasitism. Even so it took them a looong time to completely take over.

So yes, all over the world, before there were states, there was freedom.

So the question isn't whether it's possible, we know it's possible.

Also, when states fail there is also anarchy. We know other states don't like this so they always step in to take over, or invent a puppet. But there are periods of time that are longer or shorter.

The question is also not whether the US will fail. Empires always fail. The question is what will come after.

Personally I would be happy with a restored Federated Republic, with states (of the American sort) reasserting their sovereignty and insisting the Constitution be obeyed. That might survive longer than my life.

But I also understand we already tried that, and while that story has a happy(ish) beginning, we do know how that story ends.

Right now, with the internet still free we have a small possibility of another option. Real freedom. This won't be a utopia by any means. But we also have reason to believe it won't be the dystopia which we know ends the story that is just now ending.

The technology of parasitism can also be used to resist parasitism. The us is fairly well placed to do that. I'm not particularly optimistic of the odds. People always want to live at others expense, and we have too many people, even well meaning people such as yourself, who feel the need to invent justifications for it.

So if we can get a little more free that would be swell. But I'll never lie and say man's place is in chains.

The first step to being free is to stop thinking like a slave. You can do as the man with the gun says without internalizing as your belief that is is your nature to be a slave to the man with the gun.