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Comment: YES! YES! YES!

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Yes indeed. We need to hammer out a PDF bullet item list of liberal racism. And we need a bullet item list of rhetorical questions.

On the Right of Secession being "racist" or evidence of "racism", we can rhetorically ask liberals, neocons, Reason Mag & Cato,...

"Cannot secession be for reasons that are not "racism"? For example, imagine that 90% of the people in Mississippi, which 37% of the people there are black by the way, all wanted to secede from the federal government, because they disagreed with a war declared against Iran for instance, is that "racism"? What if 90% of the people in Arizona, which only 4% is Black, all wanted to secede because they also disagreed with a war declared on Iran, is that "racists"? So Again I ask, does supporting succession make you ipso facto "a racists"? Or is it simply the right of secession? And let me ask this final question. When we celebrate seceding from Britain on the 4th of July, who are we being "racists" against?"

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