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Then you do not know Palestine

There is occupied Palestine, which walls IN the state of Israel, and there is unoccupied Palestine.. Gaza and the West bank, that are on the outside of the wall.

Israelis MUST pass that wall, NO exception to how Israeli or Palestinians or tourists that are passangers in private transportation or on foot are treated. An Israeli passing IN the wall are expected to submit to searches, just like Palestinians because Israel knows, not all Jews are for a SOVREIGN STATE of ISRAEL.

Yes, they control their own airspace.. they have flights that go to Saudi Arabia and Israel does not control that.. Israel control s it's airspace.

Yes, they control what water they have.. Israel is dependent on desalination plants.. The West bank is Palestinian on the Jordan River and they have control.. (my guess is that you are thinking of when some Jewish serttlers who made a bad deal with some Palestinians, who are not allowed to sell or rent land to Jews.. did so, and then they reported the land stolen to the PA, and the PA reported the illegal settlement to Israel, because the PA KNOWS it can depend on the IDF to enforce laws.. so the IDF told the settlers to move.. the settlers got pissed and poisoned the well in an immoral vengeful act, and they are in prison. The illegal settlements are a HUGE problem.. too many people want to move to Israel, are desperate to move to Israel and do very wrong things when they are wronged... but that is not to say that Palestine does not take advantage of the desperate and stupid with their own means. They do.

I read Arab and Muslim news, I read international and NWO news, I read zionist and Israli news, I read American news.. I watch documentaries and movies that represent BOTH sides,, and while for decades, I agreed with you.. I no longer do.

I looked for an answer to Ron Paul making the OUTRAGEOUS claim that Israel is our friend. Ron Paul lost his mind on that.. or did he know something I did not? Ron Paul has been a learning curve..

I never thought I would be a republican.. now I am
I never thought I would be religious Now I am
I never thought I would be for Israel NOW I AM

Thanks Ron Paul I got your message.