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that did not answer my question

so,what you are saying is basically,we should all buy israeli goods,because we already paid for them? we get to pay for them twice?
we give them 3 billion a yr,then get their goods shipped here,and we get to pay again,if we buy them,sounds like a double whammy
are we back to if i question you,i am automatically anti_whatever you are for? we shouldn't be
now,why would i want to boycott israel? makes no sense,if they have a product i want,i buy,if not,i will not just it because they created it
but that list WILL tell me what they do create
and why would i want the frn's back? why wold anyone want some of their stolen,extorted tax money back?,maybe because it was stolen,and done so without our consent?
it was wrong in the first place to give handouts to any foreign country
it is unconst,so against the law
it would be nice for the gov not to steal upwards of 75% of every workers wages in taxes

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