Comment: Racism Talking Points? They

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Racism Talking Points? They

Racism Talking Points? They are easy to end for me before a moron, when I'm tired and angry:

WHO ARE YOU to lecture people on race?

The color of your skin grants you NOTHING.

The color of your skin doesn't deny you ANY of YOUR individual rights either, the exact same as mine.

The very rights that YOU HELP destroying with your B U L L S H I T, btw, instead of standing proudly for principles of TRUE freedom.

You, FRAUD. Why?

Look at yourself: you beg to be an obedient slave of your Supermen masters to rule over you 24/7 with their lies? That's YOUR problem, NOT MINE.

PROVE to me your Supermen are so good.

Oh, surprise, surprise. You can't! They are the same who bring PLUNDER everywhere they go, starting with texts and laws!

So, shut up with your "racism" and get lost.

I don't need the state, your masters you beg at, to tell me who is racist and who is not.

Find and open a dictionary, some time, moron.

And give a thought to this, too, if you can find your two neurons back:

Actions SPEAK LOUDER than words.

At least, most don't come back to me with their nonsense after this.

They know it will be only contempt from me.

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