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Comment: This is good news.

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This is good news.

Maybe someone finally gets it.

The second your defiance turns to grovelling, they win.

Stay -defiant-, regardless of outcome and you will have people at your back. The second you cower before them, you lose the support of the people.

They could have made a stand that meant something. In the end, they begged for their freedom and lost it.

The day you beg, you lose. Perhaps people never made it to the end of 1984? Once you beg, they own you, and once they own you, they don't need you anymore.

But if you cannot be owned, you cannot lose.

I'm proud of him, despite my thoughts on the benefit of his course of action, he is holding true.

And to those who think this is over a "court challenge" to existing law. The courts are just as corrupt and we will find no slavation there. This is a -pure- act of defiance, I hope.

The garbage the courts throw out to avoid ruling against the Executive or congress is disgusting! No standing? They can effect every person in the US, but no one can sure because standing can't be proved? Ridiculous! Interstate Commerce? Ridiculous! Obamacare=taxation so it's all good? Ridiculous!

Defiance! Disobedience! Victory.

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