Comment: Flashback to the 80's

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Flashback to the 80's

I sold computers in the early 80's (Apple //, Osbornes, Timex Sinclair (2k of RAM), Vic 20, C 64. I still own an Epson QX-10 that works (CP/M).

In the early days of PC's, everyone who had a dumb terminal on their desk rushed out to buy one, in order to escape from the tyranny of the network.

I've been asking, for a few dacades, now, "What have we done?" My customers hated the network: it caused problems. They couldn't wait to have a personal computer, not connected to anyone else.

I LOVE the Internet--it's what made the Ron Paul campaign and this very website possible. But there is also a cost.

I can tell you that from then until now, I always turn off my PC when it's not in active use, partly because I've seen monitors catch on fire (twice), and partly because I don't want it making any decisions without me.

I'll only love the 'net while it's free.

What do you think?