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Yet another myth.

There is -no- known case of a pot smoker getting lung cancer from only the pot smoking. Further, testing the smoke proves it is considerably less harmful than cigarettes. And lastly, it takes a few puffs to get what you need to get stoned. Nobody is smoking two packs worth of weed a day (unless they are rich and stupid).

If you only took 3-4 puffs from a -cigarette-, even, on occasion every day for the rest of your life, your risk of lung cancer or permanent harm would not be greater than breathing whatever happens to be floating in the air.

Further, there is proof that the increased lung capacity caused by the style of smoking weed improves your breathing and respiratory system.

There are many studies that prove cannibinoids kill cancer.

There is now a study proving better insulin regulation in pot smokers, causing less excess fat which is a contributing factor to cancer.

One of the largest contributors to early death is stress. Weed does alleviate stress and so could be considered on par with a glass of wine or two in terms of longevity due to nothing more than stress relief.

And lastly... As someone else said - eat it, vape it, but don't lie about it.

Rand lied, used propaganda based science to further the myths. That IS pandering. He is smarter than that.

If he had invoked states rights without the undue slander, then that would be fine. But he cannot fix the problem by furthering the lie.

As I have said numerous times. Rand doesn't educate, which makes him worthless to the cause.

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