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C'mon now Chris!

This post was about the man, not the show!
You mentioned nothing about the man!

You are partially correct.
There is no exclusive, binding contract.
The annuity can be paid in a lump sum, which totals approx. 300k.
Many of the winners penned big deals immediately after winning.
Such as Bianca Ryan who penned a 5 LP deal with SYCOMusic/Colombia Records.
There is a small commitment to return to the show for guest appearances and promotion.

I've been a recording and performing artist for 30 years.
I have been signed, my music is out there, I get a royalty check every quarter.

I am not trying to paint a rosier picture than warrants.
Being in the business, I know how it can look better than it is...example...

5 guys record an album, get signed by a label, go on an extensive tour and go Gold (100k) in the first year.
Sounds good right? But here was the bottom line...
All that only netted 35k a year, per man the first year.
A lot of sacrifice and hard work for a mere 35k!!!
If the music sells, the mechanicals (royalties for physical sales) can be great!
Airplay and licensing royalties can be lucrative too!

Unfortunately for me, nobody really buys my music anymore!
But it is still being licensed for movies, tv and other uses and that royalty check sure helps!
And I never achieved the level of success that some of the winners of AGT have.
They will surely have opportunity to do better than I had.

BTW, I dont watch the show. I don't watch much TV at all!
Just came across this fine young man, doing a fine job and thought I'd share it!

I hope he wins just because he's an outstanding and talented young man.

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