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my comment was not collectivizing the lot in israel
but the topic,posts,and comments were about them
now if the topic was foreign aid,and i singled out israel that would be
collective and single minded
my comment was about their military,the military is a gov function,armed
fed and trained by the gov,this is what i had mentioned
so don't be thinking i singled every individual out,as you put it
when i talk of all foreign aid,it is the whole kit and kabootle ,not just one
land,one nation,but it mostly goes to gov's,just as you have said
you seem to think as the granger does,when another asks a question,its time to take the defensive stance,and act all irritated that another has
right to question anything israel
now had you minded to read my comment back to the granger,you would have seen more clarification about this

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