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Comment: If the cop rammed

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If the cop rammed

If the cop rammed one of the punk's bike ...then all the supposed "FUN" these pnks seem to have will come crashing down like their stupid inflated egos. Then all the oh so intelligent pnks will need to live with breaking the legs of one of their own. Or better yet, how about a spine.

Just because some cops are abusing their power does not mean anarchy like this should be encouraged. Just imagine you are traveling down the same road with your infant kids and suddenly you get caught in between these hordes of anti social bikers weaving in & out of lanes.

The fundamental postulate of Libertarianism is the freedom to anything as long as you don't violate your neighbor's life, liberty and property. To the extent that one citizen does not violate others citizens basic rights to these... we do favor a strong police force and justice system with the associated checks and balances. Libertarianism does not mean lawless Somalia.

I am going to write to Dallas PD thanking them for showing restraint in this case but I do understand if they instead decided to stop these people using appropriate methods.