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Comment: Everyone is just a number and a pawn

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Everyone is just a number and a pawn

Wow. I'm not just a number and a pawn. No one where I live calls me by a number, and they all KNOW, I'm not a pawn, Granger isn't someone to be pushed, and I will not be bought, and I'm not for sale.

I don't know anyone who is disposable. No one I know is disposable.

You know, I read on DP, "I don't care". I think the words "I don't care" is a LIE. I think most people DO CARE very much.. they care so much that they don't want to fight, they want to love, they just don't know how.

Blaming corporations is also part of the problem. At least you have choices.. and it's up to you to let the corporation KNOW, you're not a number, you're not a consumer, but a customer with a name.

One way I do this is I write personal notes.. and I make drawings.. If a corporation treats me like a consumer, I don't sign my name, I sign my number. When a corporation treats me like a number, I ask them to call me by my number, not my name.

You might be surprized how many people stop for a moment.. At a doctor's office when they gave me the corporate (consumer) treatment, I drew them a picture and signed it with my number. A person in the office said, "Wow, cool picture, what's the number mean?" And the person who I gave it to said, "Granger thinks I'm a nazi". I smiled. But you know what.. they don't treat me like a number anymore.

So to me, if you don't want to be a number, stop accepting the number treatment,, BE HUMAN..

Know what else I do? When I'm asked to wait... I wait. And while I wait, I SING. I sing nice songs, not to disturb anyone.. just sing to myself.. "You are my sunshine", just simple catchy tunes.. I get served very quickly.. I never wait long.

So to me, you can be a cog, a number, and be part of the machine with resentment.. or you can be HUMAN and act like it.

I care about what people think, but more important, I care about what I think.. and if they want to make that their problem.. my pleasure.