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But my point is, the effect

But my point is, the effect from smoking weed is the same, if not BETTER than the "high" from nicotine. Understand that your disposition with the "illegal drug" of THC is inconsistant with the reality of the EFFECTS of the drug. If you have had people sneek out and "sneek" use then maybe your a bad employer and are causing too much stress on your employees.

The more you focus on petty drugs like weed, then all you will get are true criminals (pill heads) that will use the entire time up until its time for the test then stop 4 days before then blowed out the night after your drug test. My question to you would be, If letting people use weed would lower the use of harder drugs, such as nicotine,alcohol,oxycontin, meth etc etc would you then over look it if the use of weed had zero effect on work performance?