Comment: The real problem with drugs

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The real problem with drugs

is the detrimental cost that an addiction has, because of the artificial scarcity and risk due to arbitrary, violent mandate.

i.e. there are farms making cocaine in the bush behind their house for about $800 a kilo with NO CAPITAL. Literally just a dude with a freaking bucket.

Markup is over 50,000% to the end user.

The average coke addiction costs something like 80k/year at current market prices for an end user/addict. Cocaine could be profitably manufactured and sold for $1-2/gram, instead of $80-$120 (prohibition prices). Most people make less than half of that addiction cost per year, and so they have to turn to "other means" to acquire the funds their body needs.

If drugs were treated as any other inanimate object, a person could sustain an addiction cheaply, with enough leftover cash to seek medical help if they wanted to quit (an aside, most addicts usually kick the habit without any help once they hit middle age or a bit older. Weird brain stuff going on that some newer studies are pointing out). making drugs illegal to preemptively save the weakest "from themselves" is using violence to solve a problem that violence cannot solve. Drugs are a personal and medical issue, and the only solutions to be found are in letting proper economics price drugs so that people's lives don't have to be 100% focused on having the means to sate an addiction, and allowing voluntary medical institutions to help people get out of the grip of the substance when they are ready to do so.

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Progress is precisely that which the rules and regulations did not foresee. - Ludwig Von Mises.