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Comment: Here are your lies for the record.

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Here are your lies for the record.

"But Mormons follow some random man named Joseph Smith

Christians see Jesus as the son of God. We believe in One God

Mormons believe in more than one God. The Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Christians - Jesus is believed to have been born to the Virgin Mary
Mormons - Jesus had a natural birth and was born of a Heavenly Father and of Mary.

Mormons see that all men are accountable for their own sins and all mankind will be resurrected and saved at the last day
Christian sees a sin as treason against God and the Holy Spirit

Also, Mormons believe they can become Gods and can rule a Planet.
Christian do not.

Mormons also have some weird fantasies like Magic under Wear,
Mormons Claim that the Bible is corrupt, but haven’t cleared it up to what is exactly corrupt in it.
Morons see male facial hair as being disrespectful and unprofessional.
They also have secret handshakes, Gold plates, Polygamy, etc.

I don't know bud. Mormons seem more like a cult to me."

Who brainwashed you to look down on other religions? Or there real question is WHY did someone brainwash you to look down on other religions? Imagine if "Christians" actually did believe in things like Love one another and Judge not least ye be judged.