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Bill, what is and what is not

Bill, what is and what is not one's duty is up to oneself. One does not obligate himself in any way by describing the benefits of a stateless society.

I think you mean to say that you don't have respect for anarchists who seem to leave words unmatched by actions. Fair enough. Consider, though, that ideas are action--the act of thought, as far as I understand it, is the most powerful act there is because it always precedes any physical manifestation or meaningful communication.

Nevertheless, leaving the country or refusing to support the system certainly crosses the minds of many who want liberty. You seem to forget, though, that this desire for a better life does not create the magical ability to escape from reality. Some have left the this country for a freer place and others have stopped participating in the system by refusing to pay taxes and by being uncoopertavie with illegitimate authority. Those who have been able to leave for a freer place had to go through a great expense and the uncooperative are in prison. The choices are not at all as you have described.

Tell me, please, how do I "set up my life somewhere outside of government"? I can't, as you have acknowledged. Strangely enough, you seem to argue that I have the most liberty in the place I am because I haven't gone to a place which doesn't exist.

No anarchist I know has said as you have claimed, that "it will be worse outside the state." There is no "outside the state"!

Yes, I submit to the state by following its rules and paying taxes, but not because it protects my liberty. I do so because I have been threatened and I am afraid of being caged to an even greater degree. You are arguing that those who threaten me protect my liberty. How absurd!

The stateless society is an idea, not a reality; but this is not to say that it can't come to be. The stateless society is a logical conclusion of those who desire peaceful human interaction; it's a utopia to strive towards, not a place that any of us will ever witness. By talking about it, by sharing ideas (bitching, as you call it), we help things along.