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I think maybe you confused me with an ancap at some point. An ancap tries to "explain" what things could look like. I do not, and I don't care what they would look like so I don't concern myself with protection agencies or any of those theories.

Actually, a number of militarized, "hired gun" coups have taken place in history, and so theoretically and realistically is possible.

Your argument is equivalent to "without slavery who would do the work".

I have the right to delegate self defense, this right could be delegated to a third party. However, that third party does not then get the right to use force against me, or obtain any rights as a collective that I don't already have. That is the distinction between the security companies and a government.

In addition, I was raised to believe -lawful- meant not initiating force (of some variety). Everything else imposed are rules meant to favor one group over another, without exception.

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