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Comment: I don't buy that

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I don't buy that

If we are not aware of the what the patriot Act I & II did, then we were NOT awake. How many here are not on facebook because facebook took ALL their private information and made it there's? How many wondered why Bill Gates restricted his kids from the net?

Who here actually thinks that the government has not been gleaning web sites for info on them is definately asleep.

So those who say: "SNOWDEN SAYS THE USA IS SPYING ON THEM WITH NSA" are not only asleep, but in REM stage

All those groups united with snowjob are UN NWO cheerleaders.

Snowjob didn't steal any money.. snowjob didn't kill anyone.

Snowjob is seeking asylum in the biggest UN suckers on the planet.. and what's he going to do for us.. close the borders.