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there's a big difference

there's a big difference between trade and a market order. trade took place under feudalism, but that doesn't equate a market order with free contracts upheld in courts. my ability to go out to the store without having an armed gang with me depends on the existence of a legal order enforced by coercion at public expense. if i had to go everywhere with a body guard or gang it would hardly be a liberal social order with thriving markets.

that's why the argument always boils down to "competing protection agencies" running their own towns with no public law. if you think that will work, you are an anarchocap. if you think its idiotic, you are sensible.

we've been hearing about anarchocapitalism for decades. still waiting for anyone to try it out. nope. the third gen anachrocaps continue to live in the horrific slavery, with their ipads at starbucks lol.