Comment: It's just all about another war on the KISS principle, of course

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It's just all about another war on the KISS principle, of course

Rand is expressing a personal opinion on the product, and so what?

But at least he is among those who denounce the fallacy of criminalizing it a priori.

On which grounds, anyway? Alcohol next? Stinky cheeses next? Brussel sprouts next? That fish that can KILL YOU if it's not prepared by a trained Japanese cuisine chef?

Hot women next?

Some can be deadly...

Or, alternative:

And how about we re-read men like Constant, on the matter of "authority" vs. "rights"?

In other words, back to the Marie Jeanne:

smoke it all you want, just don't force me to.

become smarter or dumber with it, just don't charge me to fund it or to fight it.

Why the hell can't we keep it as simple as that on 99.999% of the topics in society, you ask?

Oh, wait. That's because the state's policy/law/plunder-maker Supermen have said "ya know, it's complicated, put us in charge to handle it for ya..."

The tragedy is the people(s) have bought into the collectivist, statist lie.

But true, in fairness, in their defense, a lot of money has been spent (stolen), to make sure the people can get rotting as fast as the fish head - aka the "elites".

That started and continued BEFORE the people have a powerful way to know better FOR AND BY themselves - a web of information, reliable or not, rich or poor, but mostly free - by design.

With it, no more excuse to remain ignorant about ANY sides of ANY argument.

The "elites" I wrote...

... Yeah, RIGHT.

The same who now want to disable or control the people's web, precisely.

"Surprise, surprise."


'Nuff said.

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