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This is the last time

I will engage a self serving imbecile like yourself.

One who corrects other's spelling and then claims dyslexia for themselves.

One who opens threads begging to be upvoted to assuage their own feelings of inadequacy.

One who makes claims without definition, without merit, without sources or reason.

Israel did indeed bomb Damascus. An offensive act of war against a sovereign dealing with a proxy insurgency that Irseal and firends fund, support, and manage. If you fail to see the lunacy of defending teh act, or understanding that Syria has every right to any and all Russia weapons it purchases under international law and standards (let alone defensive S300 systems), then you are worse off than you make yourself out to be here.

You and I, and everyone else on this thread, know I made nothing up. Twisted nothing. Trying to say "Israel did not bomb Damascus" is so beyond the pale it doesnt stand up to reason nor discussion. You are a fool. Evidenced by what you write. There is no way around it. I wish there was.

Your doublespeak above does nothing to sway anyone other than the blind and ignorant such as yourself.

Your ability to demonize China over and over and over, and then, to use their appreciation from Israel's contributions is more of the same.

Best of luck to you in your ignorant bliss.