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Comment: Rand Is Playing The Political Game: He Needs To Stay Viable

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Rand Is Playing The Political Game: He Needs To Stay Viable

He can get more traction politically buy playing the game. Unlike his dad, Rand's approach is to say all the right things to get elected.

He doesn't want to be labeled a "KOOK" like his dad, weather you agree with that marijuana is safe or not.

Rand is out to build a following of supporters to win the republican nomination. Ron Paul was out to educate the masses with the principles of LIBERTY, which of course includes the liberty to smoke pot in a free society. or go to hell in a basket if one feels like.

Rand doesn't want to defend pot smoking as being a safe. The media is always looking for an opening to shed a bad light on candidates.

People are waking up, but many voters are still not ready to embrace pot smoking as a safe alternative to other remedies.

Rand is not his dad although I do believe he is a staunch defender of liberty.

He is by far and away the best and smartest liberty loving alternative to the business as usual Neocon bullsh*t we have had shoved down our throats for years..