Comment: You people just don't get it. Rand is wrong.

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You people just don't get it. Rand is wrong.

Those who say he is just expressing his opinion don't get the point here. If he said "I think the earth is flat and revolves around the moon." would you still defend him and support his idiotic opinion. The man is telling flat out lies and is showing himself to be another ignorant neocon more and more with every word.

He is certainly not a true conservative and definitely not a libertarian. If he were able to get into the oval office you would see little if any change in the status quo. I can't believe how gullible some people are on this site.

Just his opinion? Geese. A liar is a liar. When I was in school, the ninth grade I think, a police officer came to our class for and anti drug speech and said, and I quote: "One marijuana cigarette is more harmful than a pack of regular cigarettes." Now Rand is right down there with him and all the other liars who seek to further their own agenda by whatever unscrupulous means they see fit.

This is not about pot, it is about integrity.