Comment: I think Rand is seperating himself from the likes of Adam Kokesh

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I think Rand is seperating himself from the likes of Adam Kokesh

I'm totally supporting Rand, and I live in a marijuana decriminalized county where some actually think it's the local economy there's so much of the crap grown here.

So let's talk about integrity.. marijauna users have very little integrity.. they live a lie, they support the black market, they do most their business under the table, they don't support the community being they need to prepare to support the legal system, living in constant fear of a federal bust that will cost them the millions.

Trying to get them organized to change laws is near impossible where it is not decriminalized because they are always wondering who is the narc.. they don't get politically involved for the most part.. they don't contribute to society as much as they shun it..

Sure there are exceptions, but those exceptions are no excuse for the norm.. many do other drugs as well.. like tobacco, which they do to cover up the marijuana.. cluster addiction is what I think it's called.

All this said, and Rand has said it as well.. it should be up to the people.. so if my county and my state want to decriminalize or god forbid.. and I think it will happen, enslave marijuana users to the state with taxes in the name of legalization.. then it's up to the people.. and Rand is the man to make that happen.