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Comment: I'm not an anarchist.

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I'm not an anarchist.

But I think you are falsely asserting that government protects liberty. All man made governments reduce liberty, only some more than others. You are correct in that anarchism cannot work because there will always be those who want to form a group and control other people through force. Anarchism is always overrun by some sort of organized government even when that government proposes to protect the liberties that they ultimately take away.

Your argument would be more clearly expressed in "better the devil you know than the devil you don't know". The fact is there has to be law and where there is law there has to be an entity to enforce that law therefore anarchism isn't viable. So the best we can do is seek the government that upholds the laws that align closest to our own sense of justice and liberty.

That is the problem with the concept of a one world government under which we have no choice at all.