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The anarchism you strive for

The anarchism you strive for would likely look more nightmarish than you or Karl Marx envisioned. But we have real-world examples:

1.Ancient Ireland- tribal, conquered by neighboring English state

2.Ancient Israel- nomadic tent people scared into adopting government by local highly-advanced civilizations/empires

3.Feudal Europe- took Roman culture featuring scientific achievement, massive aqueducts and roads, universities and world trade and turned into into rotting filth, society devolved 500 years.

4.Bushmen of the Callihari- Anarcho-communist tribe that abhored private property, the family, and money, Lasted until the 1940's, very "stable".

We had better be pretty damn sure of what will come of the abolition of the state before we run around agitating for it, dont you think? This is why I make parallels between communism and ancaps because they act the same way.

Ventura 2012