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Comment: Hey SWAT, check out this map

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Hey SWAT, check out this map

What would YOU do if I stormed into YOUR house and killed YOUR dogs while YOUR children were present?

Put the shoe on the other foot. Not everyone is a thug looking to kill everyone. Maybe you guys should knock on the door sometimes, and voice that you have a warrant rather than busting down the door - assuming that you have the right house - and commencing to open fire negligently. We are not the enemy, but your aggressive actions are widening the gap and putting you in an aggressive mental state that will one day cause the People to completely reject your authority.

This is NOT a war. WE pay your paychecks. Get off your high horse and show the People some respect. Otherwise, the People will one day do unto you as you have done unto them.

Their is a reason that the suicide rate is high among cops. Too often, you betray your humanity. All we ask is that you do the right thing. We're just people trying to make it in the world. We could've just as easily joined the police force, but we chose other paths. You are no better than us, and we are no better than you. All we want is some respect. If it is given, it will be given back.

Stop the insanity, and for everyone's sake please exercise situational awareness and some restraint. For instance, when is the last time a dog killed a grown man in body armor? Are you really scared for your life? Or, do you just enjoy killing our dogs?

Your dogs are trained to maim. What would be your reaction if I killed one of your police dogs because I was RIGHTFULLY protecting my life? Where's the reciprocation?

Respect breeds respect. America is not a war zone.