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Technology and communication

Technology and communication changes everything.

People from 100 BC would be fairly comfortable in 1800 AD, because technology largely hadn't changed. Communication methods still involved manually transporting some media from point A to B. Production of goods still involved manual labor. It is only recently that anarchism is viable because the means of communication are nearly instantaneous regardless of distance. This technology allows for communities to mount meaningful (and overwhelming) resistance to invaders. No rulers = everyone is free to defend themselves and their property. As these types of societies prosper, they would also grow in scope and it would become far more difficult to conquer them.

Conquerers rely on taking small pieces of society at a time. Technology today prohibits that from happening.

This is all theoretical, obviously, because no anarchistic societies exist today, but it makes sense to those not enthralled by the promises of the statists. Comparing these societies that roughly resemble anarchy to modern society is not viable.