Comment: And one from BILL3

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And one from BILL3

this is one of the dumbest comments i've ever seen.

first of all you don't know the difference between punctuation and capitalization. all of my sentences are punctuated, i just choose not to apply case in comment threads.

your first sentence is meaningless and poorly constructed. you can't write for sh1t.

"the rest is just of wall of text to, forlornly, attempt to bludgeon.... with wall of words."

my post is a" wall of text" to hit people with a "wall of words," to... forlornly... you manage to say nothing, and do it in an ugly, graceless manner that mangles the english language.

then you say "its not as if its unclear what rothbard says."

you appear to believe that, if its not unclear what someone says, they are therefore right. or that no two people could read something and disagree. since your simpleton brain sets the standard for all others.

finally, your quote from TJ, justifying government by republican democracy, against monarchy. what kind of idiot would think arguing for a republic is an argument for no government.

please do everyone a favor a refrain from thinking.