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"And anyone who has ever

"And anyone who has ever smoked pot frequently knows damn well that it makes you less ambitious".

If he or she didn't smoke weed, I bet he or she are going to be less ambitious no matter what.

Second, my friend is a genius, owns 2 stores and is a great swimmer and trust me... he smokes a lot of weed.

And I don't know about you but I started smoking when I turned 18 and I learned more from the age of 18-22 than I did my whole entire life as a kid. I stopped smoking at 22 but I still would love to go back to it but I don't want to be put in a cage and it cost money.

Drinking is the worst thing out there. Anybody that drinks a lot is going to have a bad time the next morning. I've worked with so many lazy employees that claimed they partied so hard last night and worked like crap the whole day. It just sounds hypocritical to me. Make alcohol illegal then. Oh wait.... they riot right?